Quick & Easy Everyday Curls

Hey y’all! After some recent requests, I thought I’d write up a quick post on how I curl my hair.

So technically, I don’t curl my hair in the traditional fashion, rather, I go for a more – boho loose wave look. I wrap my hair around the curling iron just like you would a curling wand but I don’t use the clamp. Throw away your expensive wand and invest in the ~ $15.99 curling iron I swear by, Conair Hot Sticks Curling Iron, 3/4 Inch. 


I first divide my hair into sections. I put the top half of my hair in a high bun and then split the bottom portion down the middle. Starting from the bottom sections, I point the curling iron downwards for more control and wrap each section of my hair away from my face.


Once I get to the middle of my head, I switch directions. I hold my hair around the barrel for about 10 seconds and once released, I spray one pump of hairspray to that section from a distance, then, I gather the entire wave in the palm of my hand and finally release.


This was a trick I learned to set the curl, before it cools down, for a longer lasting look.


Once, I’ve locked in the bottom portion of my hair, I continue to use this same technique to the top portion of my hair.


Now typically if you were curling with a clamp, you would have to let the curls sit and then wait to run your fingers through to loosen up the curl; but with wrapping, you have avoided this step 🙂 Once completed, your waves should now look effortless and last until the next day!







Even though, my hair is on the longer side, I am still able to wrap the entirety of each section (from root to ends) around the barrel in one try. So there is no need to retouch or recurl any section. I found that regular spiral curls, did not last even through the initial curling process. For example, if I had moved onto the top portion of my hair, the bottom section curls would already be falling out. Also I noticed that hair-spraying and holding each section of hair before releasing vs waiting until the entire head is complete to spray, really does help for longer wear! Of course every person is different but this is what has worked for me and just shifting the way I curl my hair, made all the difference! The best part is you can style these waves for both a day or night time look!

Let me know if you have any questions! Happy curling, fam! XO

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