My Second NYFW As A Blogger

Y’all! So crazy that this month marks 8 months of working as a full-time content curator/blogger. What a beautiful/messy journey this has been! As always, just have to extend my gratitude to all of you BBs for showing love and bearing with me while I navigate my way through this new season of my life! Xo

On top of it all, we are picking up our lives here in LA and making the cross-country move to NYC! Speaking of NYC, we just returned from our second NYFW trip! Ahh, so surreal. Last fashion week back in September was nothing short of a dream! Met so many fellow creatives, fashion lovers, and had the chance to really envision our future selves living there!

This time around, we would not only be taking advantage of the fashion week fun but also, taking a peak at our soon-to-be-apartment, AHH!


Once we landed into JFK, my friends at Volkswagen picked us up and chauffeured us throughout our day, but first stop: straight to our hotel, Shelburne Hotel & Suites by AFFINIA .


We were literally in awe. And not only was it because we were a short drive away from the Empire State Building herself, BUT also because, our room, the Empire Suite, had direct views of her glistening lights! As a non east-coast native, views like this don’t always come often.


The room was not only spacious and modern AF, but also MIRROR Equipped. MIRROR is an interactive workout displayed on what looks like a true mirror when turned off. For us lifestyle and wellness junkies, this is so ideal during our travels. How many of us can say that we research a nearby gym, and actually go during our trips? IDK about you, but SHE KNOWS NO KIND OF WORKOUTS DURING TRAVELS AHAH…until now! I can’t even begin to tell you how not only convenient, fun, but most importantly, much needed this room was to start our chaotic full-days: Sipping some coffee on our gorg terrace overlooking the Empire State Building,  zenning out to some morning meditation and yoga, and truly having enough space for bae and I to get ready, without feeling like we were on top of each other, yasss! Although our days were long, they began how I can only wish my future self, started off every morning, LOL.





Throughout our first day, we were back-to-back in business meetings, events, and attended the Seven Crash show later that night.


We then headed back to the Shelburne to experience some R+R. I mean, come on…there ain’t nothing like falling asleep to the iconic Manhattan lights.






After some much needed down time, we headed off to meet our future landlord! Ah, insane! We explored our soon-to-be neighborhood and we are in love and so dang excited! One of the biggest blessings of this job is being able to work from wherever my heart takes me. I feel so very fortunate, that with this move, I will still have the ability to continue to do what I love: connecting with people from all around the globe and creating content that sparks joy, that inspires, and that is relatable AF to any other Millennial just figuring themselves out in the world.

The next day, we headed back to the below freezing temps (not even even dramatic) for another full day of festivities. So many meet-ups, events, pop-up shops, etc.


It felt so surreal to be navigating throughout our day in the city as if we already lived there. To think subways, walking multiple blocks in heels, hailing taxis, while bundled up in 4 + layers will be my new normal, both scares and excited me! But mostly, excites!

And of course, we took the opportunity to shoot in-between all the madness!






The following morning, we decided to take it easy at the hotel to get some work done.


Lounge 3



Just down the street, there is this delish deli where we ate at 4 mornings in a row, yikes! HAHA, but something bout’ that NYC breakfast sandwich just hits diff.

Speaking about repeating meals, we found our favorite Pho place, The Pho 5, just mins away from The Shelburne! We legit ate there almost every night of our trip!

On our last night, we indulged with our friends at Eataly Downtown. Our fav Italian food, ever!




On our last day, we just really soaked it all in. Back in October when I shared my last blog post regarding NYC, My First NYFW As A Blogger, I mentioned how this was the city we saw ourselves living in. Fast forward a few months, and here we are!

If you are wanting to attend NYFW next year : GO FOR IT, SIS! Last year, I was only invited to 3 shows and missed all of them (LOL, long story). This year, the invites multiplied. Manifest whatever you want for your future self. Speak it into existence and remember you can make things happen for yourself! Reach out to NYC based PR companies, NYC based brands (as they may be hosting events, pop-ups), and fellow creators as they may also need a + 1 buddy to join them for an exciting event or show. Also GPS Radar is a great tool to utilize for show invites!

I can’t wait to bring y’all along with me to the next NYFW as I will be an official NYC resident!

Thank you, Shelburne Hotel & Suites by AFFINIA, for making our stay so epic; already missing those views already! See you soon, NYC! ❤


For more details on MIRROR, you can visit their website  here!

2 thoughts on “My Second NYFW As A Blogger

  1. This post is so dreamy, I’m from PA so NYC is a skip and a jump away from us here but I don’t get to visit nearly as much as I want! It’s also so nice to have some escapism through these tough times ♥️. So glad you enjoyed yourself on your trip! Beautiful as always. 🤗


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