Los Angeles Travel Guide

Ahhh, Los Angeles, The City of Angels! When I first moved to LA, I arrived on a Friday. On that following Monday, I began my first day of work. SOOO needless to say, I definitely did not have the knowledge of the “must-go” places within the city.

Now almost three years later, I’ve ventured to what seems like every corner of the city, but in all honesty, I have barely scratched the surface. There are thousands upon thousands of yummy eateries, numerous beaches, hipster cafes, bars, scenic hang outs…the list goes on and on! To help narrow down that list, I have compiled my top go-to hot spots within the city.




Blu Jam Café: I heard only rave reviews about this place, so naturally I had it give it a go! Let me tell you, it did not disappoint! Crunchy French Toast is the way to go! If you have a larger appetite this place is for you (:



Mocafe: Variety. Variety. Variety!! Huge portions, fresh ingredients, lovely service and a great location. My favorite dishes are the Nutella Waffles and The Protein Scramble! P.S. their potatoes are to die for!





Bambou Le Pho: I’ve tried probably 30 Pho restaurants in my life and after trying this place on a whim, I’d say it would make it to the top of my list! There are so many dishes I’d recommend but my favorites item is their fried egg rolls… OH MY LORD! YUM.



Sunset Thai: Massive portions and super yummy dishes! I’m very particular about my Thai Food but this place is spot on! I’d recommend their Pad Thai and Orange Chicken.



Clifton’s: This place is truly a gem! Considered the largest public cafeteria in the world, this multi-level building serves some of the best hearty food I’ve ever had, has the coolest decor and vintage bar around AND  is a swing dance venue on the upper level as well. I’ve enjoyed live jazz and swing classes here as well! This place is definitely an experience to have.



George’s Greek Grill: I saw a friend post a photo of their meal from this place and I just had to try it! The dishes here are fresh and very authentic! Their Grilled Chicken Entrée is bomb.com!



The Albright: If you’re in the heart of Santa Monica and looking for some fresh seafood and beer, this place is for you! I’m pretty surprised how in such a prime location, there is hardly ever a wait. My favorite dishes are the Clam Chowder Bowls (OMG) and the Chips and Guac!



Eataly:  Great ambiance and tasty food! I love the Eataly concept in general. It is like a Costco for Italian foods, wines, spices, etc.  You can buy pre-maid or dried foods (as you would in any super market). The restaurant inside the giant market is worth the wait! Of course, my favorite items of the menu are the Margarita Pizza, Cacio e Pepe, and Cannolis.




Harlowe Bar:  In love with their Old Hollywood feel! It is close to being a full-on club but yet somehow remains true to its chill cocktail bar vibe. There is a DJ on site playing almost every genre in mind.


Adults Only: This dive bar is tucked away in a pocket of a strip mall. The aesthetic of this gem is of a classic video store, when you first walk through the entrance, you pass the “adult section”. There is a pool room in the very back and not to mention, their drinks are pretty good!



The Misfit Restaurant + Bar: Walking distance from the pier, this bar is literally such a fun & affordable time! A perfect spot for day drinking, with one of the best happy hours this city has to offer! From 12-7pm they serve $6 cocktails! Like heller, this place is a must!


The Edison: This renovated power plant, serves absinthe, some of the strongest craft cocktails, a burlesque show & live music! The Edison’s prohibition feel, is one to experience for yourself!


Ace Hotel: When I first moved to LA, I was introduced to this rooftop bar, and let me tell you, I was a weekend regular for much after that! The views are stunning, the laid back vibes are contagious, and the pool is so nice to dip your feet into, especially during those warmer Summer nights. I would suggest however, to arrive earlier in the night, as the line does get long.


Places to go: 

Runyon Canyon: The various routes of this hike, make it suitable for just about everybody! There are extremely steep paths as well as lighter ones, perfect for striking up a conversation. I’ve met countless of celebrities on the trails and the views of LA are pretty amazing! There is free street parking nearby as well!



Museums: Whether it be, LACMA, The Getty, The Broad, Museum of Broken Relationships, the list goes on and on – you are sure to have a pleasant time and (some pretty cool IG pics) from your visit.



Melrose Avenue:  LA’s trendiest hub filled with funky stores and cafes… great for people-watching and getting some cool IG shots. I personally love the painted walls on the buildings which are always changing.


The Global Angel Wings Project Wall


Bike Ride from Venice Beach to Santa Monica:  One of the most relaxing ways to get around in LA! Enjoy one of the most beautiful and interesting urban bike paths in the World! This is Coastal California at it’s finest! I have found BOGO coupons online so this is def a fun and cheap adventure to share with a loved one! Once you arrive in SM, you can lock up your bike and walk the pier 🙂



*As you can see, the possibilities to explore are endless. Because of that, I am seriously so in love with this city. I grew up in the Bay Area and I thought no where could compare to San Francisco, but boy was I in for a treat! Xo *



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