My First NYFW As a Blogger

The past few months have been a whirlwind, y’all! The fact that I’m even speaking from the frame of “blogger,” is still so surreal to me! I just want to pause and thank every single one of you for giving me so much love and grace in this new season of my life!

Just recently, I returned from a trip of a lifetime! NEW YORK CITY, BABY! Now if you know me, you’d know that nothing makes me happier than the Big Apple! In fact, that’s where I plan to move next! So when I was invited to my first show, three weeks before NYFW, it had me thinking. I am not as well versed in the fashion world as others in my industry are, I’d never been to fashion week… how freaking intimidating, and OMG, it’s like three weeks away…I’M NOT READY! But then I had a change of heart. How amazing would it be just being in the city that brings me so much life, surrounded by fellow creators from all around the globe! PLUS, I would take full advantage while we were there and begin apartment hunting! SO, all this to say, the decision to attend became fairly easy as more thought went into it!

Next, we had to search for hotel stays! Since, I am the last person knowledgable about NYC lodging, I went about asking all my NYC gals for fun, hip, and central accommodations in the city. I may have asked, 20 girls and the one common denominator between them all was YOTEL New York .

If you are into views beyond your wildest expectations, modern design, and affordability, Yotel is THE place to look into! So once we finalize our stay with the lovely staff at Yotel, we could breathe a bit, because we knew we’d be taken care of with their more than helpful staff. Questions I had: “how close are you guys to the shows?” “Do you have views of the Empire State? “Will there be enough room for me to hang up all my lewks for the week?” They left me feeling more than confident, that our stay would be 10/10.


Then we moved onto outfits. Since the decision to attend was sooo last minute, I decided to attempt to thrift all my lewks in efforts to save some $$$ and for sustainability, hunniee. 5 thrift visits later, I had about 12 outfits solidified and ready to go!

So many thoughts raced through my head the night before as I had absolutely no idea what to expect but I was beyond excited! I knew I had to go in with a few intentions, however. 1) I would not compare myself or my outfits to the other babes’ attending, 2) I would be less critical during our shoots around the city, and 3) I would soak it all in! Every. single. moment. And that’s EXACTLY what I did, hunaay!


Yotel 21

When we arrived, it was pouring rain but honestly I couldn’t have asked for a warmer welcome! Only a few minutes drive away from the iconic Empire State Building, our exciting NYFW adventures were about to begin, starting at Yotel.

When we first walked in, we were greeted with the option of checking in swiftly with a seamless airline styled self-service check-in or of course, the friendly concierge…modern AF. During our time there, we coordinated to stay in different rooms so that we could experience all that Yotel had to offer! 

Upon our initial check-in, we arrived in our King Junior Suite with views that left us speechless. As a west-coaster, you only dream of views this stunning!

The entire room was Smart Equipped. Interchangeable touch LED lights, adjustable Serta SmartBeds, and fully stocked body & skincare products.

The next day, we headed to some NYFW events and of course, shot throughout the city, along the way!






We then headed back to Yotel to experience some R+R in their King Jr Suite with Terrace. I mean, come on…a freaking terrace in a hotel room…but not just any terrace, one with a private jacuzzi!!


INSANE! After some much needed down time, we headed off to a few more events to close the night.


As an creative, the most exciting part of the job, is being able to connect with so many people from around the world. As soon as we headed into our first event, it was as if I reuniting with old friends. I mean, I literally met IRL like 10-15 girls right off the bat whom I’d been chatting with for years. It was amazing! The energy in those rooms were electric!

That next day, we headed back out on the town for another full day of festivities. So many meet ups, events, pop-up shops, etc etc.



Yotel 13.jpeg


The girls had us catching trains to the hidden gems of the city. Adventuring across town was maybe one of the top 3 highlights of my trip!


We made our way back to Manhattan to check-in to my favorite room of the trip, Yotel’s Penthouse King Suite. I MEAN, I BASICALLY CRIED WALKING INTO THIS ROOM.

Yotel 27

Yotel 20



That following morning, we decided to take it easy and spend most of the day at Yotel. We headed to the rooftop bar to enjoy some, “Social, Drink, and Food”!

Yotel 26

Yotel 22


Yotel 24

After a few hours of enjoying the views, we checked-in to our newest room, the Corner Queen.



Once you walk in, you have direct views of the Hudson River and on the right, you have ongoing views of Midtown.

We soaked in the views until the evening, ate close-by in Time’s Square and ended the night back on the rooftop.

Yotel 28

My face knowing our trip was coming to an end! LOL, TEARS.

We woke up early, and DUN, DUN, DUN…DID OUR FIRST WAVE OF APARTMENT HUNTING. SO EXCITING! Later in the day, we planned for a series of shows. But of course, on the way, we shot some content.



Unfortunately, we got lost for several hours along the subway and missed all of the shows for the day 😦 LIKE WHAT A FAIL! It was def a huge bummer but at the end of the day, I was still so overwhelmed with gratitude and joy from the past few days. We went with the intentions of experiencing NYFW but actually gained so much more! That night, we stared out at our views, in absolute awe.


In awe of the city, we will soon call home. In awe of the city where we fell in love. In awe of a week that gave us so much conviction of where we want to go. A place that connected so many souls and established friendships and reunited old ones. A place that nowhere else compares.

If you are wanting to attend NYFW next year: my advice is to go for it! Even if you are not invited to shows, still buy that plane ticket, sis! Just being apart of the energy, where you’ll bump into likeminded creatives at every corner, the inspo and zest of the city, and going out of your comfort zone to even attend, will be THE experience in itself. The shows and events are just the cherry on top. So hopefully next year, you’ll be able to call me a New Yorker, and I’ll know the subway system well enough to not get lost during the shows, hehe!

Thank you, Yotel, for making our stay feel like home; An Instagrammer’s dream, for sure! Til’ next time, NYC! XO

The Ultimate LA Day Date: Universal Studios Hollywood Edition

Whether you’re a LA native or visitor of Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood is an immersive experience all of it’s own. Beyond it’s iconic red carpet entrance, this movie-based theme park and active studio lot puts you in the center of the action where your fav blockbusters come to life. Experience movie magic in multi-dimensional thrill rides, special effects, and re-created signature environments.


After much FOMO of this magical land, we finally got to experience the enchantment of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter” for ourselves. The entire land is so masterfully curated, you truly feel as though you were transported into the big screen. From the snow-capped roofs to the cobblestone walk ways, this quant village of wizardry is one unforgettable experience!

CFHP (1)





DSCF6063 (1)


If you’re a HP fan, you can appreciate how closely the park referred to the books for inspiration in creating these environments. We were so enthralled during our strolls throughout Hogsmeade Village.

Next, we walked around the the recreated streets of  New York.



Then, we made way towards the famous Studio Tour — Behind-the-Scenes Tram Ride. Aside from working soundstages and filming lots, there are a variety of special effects rides along the way.  It is recognizable by the landmark buildings and star-covered sidewalks. Some of our fave cult-films took place here! In addition to the soundstage recreation experiences, we encountered War of the Worlds and other famous movie sets. Pure Hollywood magic!





As the afternoon warmed up, we knew the perfect way to cool down would be to head to the lower lot and experience the mega attraction, Jurassic World– The Ride, ft dinosaurs from the film, lush interactive designs, and the rollercoaster drop made for thrill-seekers like us.




We finished the day by enjoying a European vacation in the heart of Los Angeles, Bienvenue!  We walked around this Parisian Courtyard with all the Euro Nostalgia.








What a day! 10/10 recommend if you’re wanting to spend a day with bae or even feel like a kid again. Growing up, it was a family tradition of ours for us to make our way down south to Universal Studios Hollywood. Some of my best childhood memories are associated with this park and it’s pretty amazeee to be continuing that tradition. And, for my IG babes, content galore!

Blogger Trip: Los Cabos

Four content curators walk into a Mexican resort………….. and leave with the best of memories! HAHAHA!


Feeling nostalgic AF while I write this piece as this trip signified not only my first all blogger getaway but also my first official week of being a full-time Content Curator! EEEK! The expectations of some R+R were far beyond met on this unforgettable trip!

Hotel El Ganzo 

AfterlightImage 2

Welcome to Paradise!

El Ganzo is Los Cabos’ one stop shop for artistic, hipster, luxe boutique hotel vibes! Decorated in contemporary art, this unique hotel is what I’d describe as an experience. With it’s very own recording studio, cultural program, expansive views of the Sea of Cortez and Puerto Los Cabos Yacht Marina, you truly get the best of both modern and indigenous worlds.  Truly, one of it’s kind in Los Cabos. PLUS, THERE ARE SO MANY INSTA-WORTHY AREAS TO SHOOT!




Each of us had our own ocean-front room equipped with a wooden soaking tub, which may I add, we took full advantage off! Together we scoped each other’s rooms and it was funny how we all entered, with “OOOOhs and AWWEs.”




For dinner, we went down to one of El Ganzo’s four restaurants, and enjoyed some yummy tacos and guac.



Acre Baja

A jungle lush dream!

On our second day, we headed to this tucked away lux sanctuary, where tree houses, an organic farm, and palm forest meets modern chic aesthetics found in every corner.



We enjoyed this hidden gem for most of our day. From the farm to table dishes, playful  billy goats, and the most picture-esque poolside, Acre is an Instagrammer’s dream! If you’re looking for an all-things serene and visually appealing ambience, Acre is your place to visit!





SUR Beach House

Island Dreams AF!


On our third day, we headed to Cabo San Lucas to spend the day at SUR. When you walk through their entrance doors, you are instantly transported into your own personal private island, overlooking Cabo’s shoreline and of course, the magical arch. We were greeted by the most impeccable staff with the best Berry Hibiscus Mojitos I’ve ever tried, and the freshest guac I’ve ever tasted! This open-air dining space gave us all the Greece vibes, for sure!





Once we finished our delish meals, we were then taken to our private beach chairs, where we were quenched with some chilled champaign and toasty vitamin D!


After sinking our toes in the sand, we were then escorted to SUR’s very own boat service where our group was taken out on our private boat to El Arco. We spent about an hour circling around the rock formations, captured some awesome moments, and even saw some tropical fishies!



We headed back to Hotel El Ganzo, and soaked up our final night together over looking the marina. How magical that this digital media platform, connected all four of us and our partners from all over the US, allowing our group to bond in one of the most culturally rich countries in the world #blessed .


On Sunday morning we shared one last meal and said our goodbyes *cue the tears*. This trip will forever hold a special place in my heart! Thank you, Hotel El Ganzo, Acre Baja, and SUR Beach House for making it all possible!

If you’re thinking about heading to Cabo, I highly recommend checking out these bomb establishments. I’m very much about aesthetics, safety, and ambiance and these places were 10/10.

Things to Remember:

  1. Cabo is humid AF! And if you’re like me and are sensitive to the sun, make sure you come prepared with big sun hats, sunnies, hydro flasks to refill your water, and a sh*t ton of sunblock. THAT SUN WAS NO JOKE!
  2. If you have dietary restricts, (like me) *eyeroll* be sure to communicate that with the chef before ordering. I did find it a bit difficult to find non-triggering food options throughout the trip however, all the above restaurants, accommodated my dietary needs as best as they could.
  3. Do not wander off the beaten path. I felt entirely safe during our trip but that was because we did our research ahead of time with the areas we would be frequenting, we made sure we always stayed with our group, and rented a car versus relying on taxis or Uber’s. This is not to say, other means of transportation is dangerous, but it felt a little more comforting knowing we were in control with where we were heading.
  4. Rent a car! Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas is about a 45 minute drive from each other and with Uber’s being so far and in between, we saved a lot of time just hopping into our car. Plus, if you are planning to shop and location scout, it is much easier to drive there 🙂
  5. Live yo’ best life! This is Mexico, GO LOKO!!



Where to Stay in Rome: The Yellow

When you think of Rome, the first words that come to mind are culture, cuisine, architecture, and extravagance. Four years ago, I made the best decision of my life and studied abroad in the greatest city in the world! In fact, so did my boo! It was truly the first in my entire life that I felt alive! Not only did I fall in love with adventure and the richness of this place, but I also fell in love with the way this city made me feel! I was enchanted, I was left in awe, and I marveled at every single corner, dish, and attraction I encountered. Throughout my time in Rome, I stayed at several hotels whenever a family member or friend came to visit. All were… mediocre stays, (if all you want is a bed to sleep on and a hefty bill). It was not until a friend recommended, The Yellow Hostel that I even considered staying in a hostel! At first, she had talked this place up to another level! She described how this trendy stay was the hub for travelers and millennial locals alike: a hipster, party-style vibe, but one that feels like home. Rather than just a stay, The Yellow was an experience. An experience that offers a plethora of activities to acclimate you into the Roman lifestyle. So I was like, okurrr, did my TripAdvisor/Yelp research and let me tell you, it was clear how well liked The Yellow is… worldwide! I also discovered that the Yellow had won #1 hostel by TripAdvisor several years in a row AND was even considered as one of the cheapest stays in all of Europe! So you know, ya girl had to give it a shot!

We booked a private room (but you can do the traditional hostel way) and honestly, we were blown away by the experience! It was literally unforgettable! We learned for ourselves that this was a hostel with travelers ready to meet other travelers, those ready to share a few drinks and sing karaoke. But when the morning came, the people here were ready to explore the beautiful city.

Come four years later, bae and I decided to make our way back to Roma! The easiest part of the planning was deciding where to stay! I mean, after all, this is the place to be if you want a mix of R&R + good vibes!

I’ll talk a bit more about our recent experience in a bit, but let me start off by saying, LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION!


The Yellow is so freaking close to everything! A literal 5-minute walk from the Termini Train Station (and if you’re planning on traveling really anywhere throughout the city and/or Europe, Termini will be your hub for transportation), 10-minute bus ride into the city center, and footsteps away from their popular “Yellow Bar” which also serves as a yummy brunch spot: this location will be of such convenience, TRUST ME!  (Your feet and wallet will thank you, hehe)


So straight from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, bae and I bought a $10 bus ticket into Termini. From Termini, we lugged our heavy bags only a few blocks down until we reached the beautiful, Yellow. It all felt like home again!

As soon as we walked through their reception (which is opened 24 hours a day, BTW) we were welcomed with open arms and bumping indie/house hits in the background. It was just like I remembered it, youthful and friendly as heck! We were assigned our room and holy sh*t were we in for a treat!

Private Room:




Our cozy fourth floor room, had the most picturesque classic Roman balcony views!

In addition to this bomb view, our room was equipped with a private ensuite bathroom, independent air conditioning and heating, a safety deposit box, a hair dryer, Wi Fi, and most importantly, such a comfortable bed!

If that’s not enough, what I love so much about The Yellow is that they provide TONS of activities every day of the week.

Although bae and I had plans of our own, we made sure we signed up for two classes: 1) Kitchen of Mamma Cooking Class and 2) The Night Tour (but let me tell you, they provide so many more! For reference: they have an escape room within the building, (like, what?!), a bike tour, gelato classes, an entire city tour, + more!

Kitchen of Mamma:

Leading our cooking class was Marco, an eclectic local Roman who made sure our class was nothing short of hilarious.

We shared the class with two other couples, one from the UK, and the other from NYC. Little did I know, we’d become sort of besties with these people!

Marco took us on a short walk to where he says is the best open market in all of Rome. We selected some fresh ricotta and pork for our soon to be home-made cuisine!


Once we arrived back to the kitchen (oh, yeah…The Yellow has a fully equipped kitchen), Marco began the lesson with of course, some vino!


We started off by prepping our dough and were taught the important art of rolling (never by the handles, but rather the middle).


Marco then showed us the different types of pastas we could create.




Everything smelled so good already! I couldn’t wait to eat, hahaha! I then, began cutting and stuffing the noodles for our two different pastas: Spaghetti Bolognese & Pumpkin Ricotta Ravioli.





Not only were we about to feast on some authentic Italian cuisine, but also we were sharing laughs with these just recent “strangers”!  Here we had four different cultures blending onto one dinner table! I was thinking mid way, “wow this is truly a gift, something you couldn’t get outside of here!” We laughed and ate and drank some more, (welllll after the class was scheduled to be over) and honestly were soo bummed out that we all had to split ways! And I know what you may be thinking, a hostel…no thanks! But, this type of internationally blended camaraderie could not have been found in a fancy shmancy hotel or Airbnb!




The next morning, bae and I had already been anticipating our night tour scheduled that evening. We both had previously lived in Rome and had gone on plenty of tours, so in full disclosure, we questioned if we would just be retold the same ol’ information.

Well… to our pleasant surprise, we were not at all!

Night Tour:

Lucky for us, we were scheduled with Marco again, but this time as our tour guide!

The tour was scheduled for only 2 hours, but we ended up staying out for 4. He’s seriously: the man! Funny AF, extremely knowledgeable, and just a good time!

We were joined by two solo travelers from Belgium (which I was like: yasss, more friends!)

We went around the majority of the city (by foot). But honestly, this walk was the highlight of my entire trip in Rome. Rome, to me, is already the most beautiful city in the world, but at night: man, it is truly something else!




And boy, were our fears wrong; Bae and I learned so much that night about the city, it was mind blowing! Like how did we both live in this city before and not know any of this information?! Plus, Marco (above) answered with ease like every single one of my million questions.

We ended the night with wine and gelato! Seriously could not have asked for a better night out!

The next few mornings we did our laundry (on site) and cooked a few meals in the kitchen. My fave part was sharing our breakfast together on our beautiful balcony! Full disclosure, on our last night, I cried while outside on our balcony, because the thought of leaving really shook me! And I think that is what traveling does to you! There are just certain places in the world that stick with you forever.


Ah, I could literally write a novel on how much I adore The Yellow! Both of my stays here were so perfect and I’m low-key sad even typing this because I miss Rome so much already! Whether you are planning on making your way to Rome and just reading this for leisure, just know, there may not be another person out there as obsessed with Rome as I am! Trust me when I say, The Yellow has had such an impact in my love with this city!

Avoid the hassle of finding an Airbnb or spending unnecessarily at a fancy hotel!

At The Yellow you will find culture, cuisine, architecture, and extravagance! You will absolutely love it here! Whether you’re into socializing from dusk til dawn or just some much needed R+R, this place legit has it all! Do yourself a favor and book your next trip to la Città Eterna. Xoxo

Palm Springs Getaway: The O Spa

Welcome to paradise aka The O Spa. If you’re looking for the perfect weekend vacay, I’d high recommend making the trip! Whether you decide to rest your body in the warm mineral spring waters, chill in the private cabanas, or enjoy the 24-hour access spa room, you are in for a treat! Oh, and this resort is an Instagrammer’s dream! Decor to the nines with a touch of “hippie chic.” Talk about the ultimate getaway!

Bae and I were looking for a retreat of sorts, one that would take us away from hustle and bustle of the city! So we figured, “lets go to the desert!” There are so many trendy hotels in Palm Springs so we thought we’d just go ahead and book any of those! But thank goodness for my indecisiveness!! I suggested we looked at Airbnb and I am so happy we did! Bae presented me with a few private cottages and one resort a bit outside of PS. Now, although an entire cottage to ourselves sounded appealing, I just could not look passed the countless positive reviews of The O Spa. From what everyone was describing, this place was an experience rather than just a relaxing stay! But let me tell y’all: The O Spa surpassed all expectations! But just be forewarned, not even these photos do this place justice!!

The O Spa:




Located in Desert Hot Springs, just 20 mins away from Downtown Palm Springs and 30 minutes away from Joshua Tree National Park, lies one of the prettiest oasis’ I’ve ever seen!

As we walked in, Rick, the owner greeted us at the gate and gave us the initial tour of the place! I mean, we were literally in awe! Not to mention, we had the entire place to ourselves, yas!



Once we got back to our fab room, we decided to hit the pools! Now, the pools were my fave part! Natural spring water + you could adjust the temps, YASS, honey!






We spent a good chunk of our time chilling in the water with a bottle of champagne, watching the sunset.

For dinner, we were surprised with how many dining options were just a few minutes away! I mean there was Thai, Mexican, American Grill, ah!  To end our night, we went into the spa room where jazz music was conveniently playing and literally zenned out. Soon after, we dried off in one of the patio areas, around a cozy fire pit!


The entire resort looks almost prettier at night! Rick installed LED multi-colored lights throughout the pools and patio area. I would show you, but you’re just going to have to check this place out for yourself, hehe!

Anyway, the next morning we woke up at sunrise to experience more of what this place has to offer!









We seriously did not want to leave! What a dream of a place, truly! If you’re looking for a home away from home, some TLC, private lounges, and killer amenities, The O spa is your place! We seriously can NOT wait to go back! Xo