We Moved In Together!! Life Update

Ahhhh!! It’s been such a relief to finally share the big news!!! My babe and I have finally moved into a place of our own! HALLELUJAH!

For months now we have been sitting on our dream apartment, patiently awaiting its completion. In the meantime, we both gathered decor inspo and luckily for us, we were both looking into the same design: Scandinavian Monochrome with Green Plant Accents. So our decor shopping has def been the easiest part! (Can’t wait to show y’all progress pics!)

Moving into our own place, for many reasons, means so much to us. Since the beginning, my boo has been very transparent in his intentions with me. YAS, HONEY! So for us, this would be the next obvious step! YAY! We are very grateful to have spent A LOT of time with one another this past year and have gained a great understanding of how we mesh while living together; So, this move although still major, won’t be a much of a shock to the relationship.

As many of y’all already know, this is not my first rodeo. I’ve lived with a partner before and it was toxic from the beginning. It was a situation where two very different people were forcing something to just magically work and obvi, it didn’t! But I’m grateful for that experience, because I learned so much about myself and just how complex cohabitation AND cohesiveness can be.

So this time around, there was so much thought and conversation behind this transition. Bae and I have worked really hard to make this dream a reality so we are over the moon that the time has finally come!

On move-in day, while standing in our empty living room in awe, he went down on one knee and quickly the other, of course prefacing though not a proposal, that this was his promise to start our own little life together. Ah! ❤

I seriously can’t wait to show y’all all of our home decor and life updates as times goes by! We appreciate all of the love & support we’ve received thus far as we embark on this new journey togethaaa!! XO

8 thoughts on “We Moved In Together!! Life Update

  1. omg is that your dogs paw? that’s me but with my cats lol
    I’m so happy for you!! It’s such an amazing feeling to move in with your other half!! Very cute and many good memories will come after too ❤


  2. girl u got me shook with the “he got down on one knee” MY JAW DROPPED!! Lol but I can’t wait for the progress pics of your apartment!! Congratulations to you too on the new place


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