For Those Of Us Missing A Dad On Father’s Day

Hey, guys! With Father’s Day approaching, I thought it was fitting to share this piece. I know, just as you do, that there are no words that can truly fill this void. Maybe like me, you’ve lost your dad to death, or maybe you have never known your father to begin with, or just maybe you have a severed relationship with him. Whatever the reason this holiday affects you – I’m right there with ya. And believe it or not, so are many others! Although this day is just like any other day that will come and go, that doesn’t mean that it won’t sting any less.

There has not been one day in the past year and a half where I am not reminded of my dad. But this particular holiday (at least for me) has the ability to creep up on you. Last year, I woke up treating the day as I would any other Sunday… I felt fine, just scrolling along, laughing at memes, watching my shows, double tapping on friends photos with their Dads. As I had already told myself not to put too much value on this holiday because after all, when the day ends, I’d still feel the void. So, all was well….until it wasn’t.

Between the calendar notifications, Groupon emails, TV ads, Facebook reminders, and of course Instagram showing you your inability to take a new photo (or Boomerang) with him…it all can leave you with overwhelming sadness. By the end of the evening, I just broke down. And you begin to think, “how lucky are these people out and about celebrating with their Dad’s?” Ugh, well, almost one year later and it all still stings the same. When it comes to accepting such a massive loss in your life, it is hard to say that time heals all.

But as for this weekend, I am going to (try to) surround myself with all that I do have in my life. As a way of avoiding all of the social media posts, I have decided to refrain from using social media to the extent that I usually do and instead celebrate the happy memories.

But this day will suck, there is really no way of sugar coating that.

But I feel your pain, y’alll!!! I really, really do!

And if you’re fortunate enough to hug your dad this Father’s Day, cherish those moments…

Because life is short and one day something as simple as a “Celebrate with Dad this weekend,” TV ad, might have the ability to hit you in the feels.

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy! Missing you forever & always ❤ 


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