Who Rescued Who? How Adopting my Dog was the Best Thing I’ve Done

Meet Troy aka @troytheshihtzu




God bless this little boy for putting up with me for the past year. Troy is absolutely the light of my life. The amount of joy he has given me is indescribable but man, is he something. He’s basically a social introvert: he loves people, but at a distance. He doesn’t give kisses and when he decides to cuddle, he’ll do so with both arms fully extended for personal space (what a brat)… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. He goes everywhere with me: he brunches, he bar hops, shops, flies, & the worst part of it all, has a choice between three strollers, each in a different color.

*Click play*

I get shit allll the time for how ridiculous I am with him but honestly, I owe him for so much…

(Will explain later)

Visiting the local shelter was basically a hobby of mine, prior to his adoption.

 MRW I finally saw the episode where this Chris Pratt gif came from - Imgur.gif

*I knew I had an obsession, when this was me with any and every dog, (even the not so cute ones) that I saw*

His adoption: It was sort of fate that brought Troy and I together. I had a random Monday off, so what did I do with my time? Visited a shelter, duhh. Growing up, the family dogs were all Shih Tzus so I had a type. Long and behold, in the very first cage was a scruffy, matted hair, tan, Shih Tzu named Troy.  I was in love. My luck, he was reserved for a kid’s carnival/adoption fair that following Saturday. So I left broken hearted, without him. That Saturday was my birthday and as expected, I woke up with the worst hangover of my life. Out of curiosity, I reached for the adoption flyer in my purse and saw that the event went from 9-5pm. Yeah, no…by this time it was 4pm and I was still in bed. Finally, I was convinced to get up and we decided to see if for some odd reason he was still there. I really tried not to get my hopes up but the thought of him going home with me made me soo entirely happy. It was literally 4:58pm when we pulled up to the park as I saw Animal Services placing this tan thing into the back of their van. I freaked! “That couldn’t be Troy, could it?!” He then turned his head and looked right at me. He was the only dog of twenty that day that did not get adopted!!! LIKE, WHAT?!! As soon as we opened the car door, he jumped right into the seat, and I knew right then, that this shih’ was meant to be.

In the past, I’ve seen dog-owners post the saying, “Who Rescued Who?” And low-key thought that was pretty dramatic. But honestly, finding Troy at the time I did, was truly God’s timing. Literally a couple of months into us being a little family, the ex and I went through our break up and BAM, shit really hit the fan. I needed to find a new living situation, like ASAP. For an entire month, Troy and I were hotel hopping, Air B & B’n, and couch surfing. The worst feeling was not knowing where we’d sleep that night. Finding an apartment, seemed utterly impossible! Many of those nights I would cry and cry but little Troy would do everything he could to help me feel better. I didn’t have my family out here and I did not want to burden my friends, so it was him and I who hit the pavement for hours every evening desperately looking for places. I felt horrible knowing we were basically living out of my car. There were days that I wanted to say, “fuck this” and move back home…but I knew I moved out to LA for a greater purpose. Finallly, we found a place and everything felt right again. Troy was thriving and in retrospect, I don’t know how I would’ve gone through that ordeal without him.

Mom life: It can be exhausting but sooo worth it. His precious face literally gives me life.  There’s never a dull moment with him. He is the most expressive dog I have ever met, not to mention the sassiest! Sure, there are moments that he annoys the hell out of me, but I’ve been blessed with the most chill dog. We joke that hes a cat, b/c he’s so low-maintenance, its amazing. For those who have asked me how I do it or on the cusp of owning a dog, its simple… just love them and they will enhance your quality of life infinitely. He lifts my spirits every single day and even though he doesn’t give kisses, (clearly salty about this) just his presence alone makes all the difference.

The best feeling in the world is…

Image result for when you come home to see your dog meme


Image result for when you come home to see your dog meme

But man, if Troy could talk, I’d be in troubbbleee. He judges sooo hard…

Image result for when you come home to see your dog meme

A few months later, Troy and I booked a flight to see la familia for Christmas weekend. But unfortunately, my dad’s health turned for the worst and for 14 days we were in a hospital/hospice room, day-in & day-out. Considering the chaos we were in and how little attention Troy received, he was a freaking angel. Troy was our light and did not leave my dad’s bedside.


You know how they say dogs have a sixth sense? I truly believe it. In the few moments leading to my dad’s passing, Troy went ballistic: howling, pacing back and forth, whining…but as soon as my dad took his last breath, Troy relaxed and laid back at his feet. This literally shook me for obvious reasons.

In the darkest year of my life, Troy gave me so much. The least I can do is continue to feed him all organic, grain-free, fresh meals, add more outfits to his section of the closet, and throw in a new stroller to the collection.

He is the one constant being in my life and I’ll forever owe him for that. Shout out to you, @troytheshihtzu, you da real MVP, bud.


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