The Pertinence of Memes

God bless the curators of 2016-2017 memes. These viral phenomena have literally touched my soul in ways that even Chinese food, can’t.

You bored? Look at memes. You sad? LOL at memes. You angry? Tag yo’ friends in the comments.


Have you ever been told “you’re too dramatic,” “you procrastinate too much,” or  “you laugh at the dumbest things,”? If so, memes are for you! 🙂 If you find yourself a reputable meme page, I guarantee, that you have just tapped into a goldmine.

Seriously though, memes have literally helped me through the most painful time of my life.

I experienced a break-up (was notttt fun). BUTTT let me tell you, there were memes for that! Figuring out how to do this “single” thing – there were memes for that!

20177 (2)

Come 2017,  My dad passed away and I literally went numb. That my friends, can not be alleviated by any photo/vid + caption… but I will say, after some time, I was able to laugh again. Like laugh to the point where I’m in tears.

 And it is in those moments when I have to give thanks to the social media Gods,  b/c I’ve found the remedy to shitty times.

Quality memes brought me back to life, literally they giveeee me life. If you are ever having a bad day, do yourself a favor and refer to this gem. xo! (IG: jstlbby)

 “Better enjoy life now before its too late!”(*Que lollipop suck*)

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