Hai (:

Welcome to alllthatjas.com! My name is Jasmin, a 24 year old living in Los Angeles with a passion for digital media, travel, style, and food.

I created Alll That Jas as an expressive outlet and creative space, in hopes of sharing and connecting with others.

This blog will feature stories and observations of how this postgrad Millennial is navigating (or stumbling her way around) the “real world.” You’ll also see: wellness tips, yummy recipes, weekly finds, random thoughts, and travel recommendations.

I consider this space as my passion project, to wind down after the 9-5. Ideally, I’d love to create an online platform where I am able to work remotely allowing myself to travel. I have dreams to one day be on your television screen, so stay tuned :]

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my Blog and follow me on Instagram @_jasminvanessa ! Thank you for reading! Enjoy!

XO- Jasmin

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